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How to determine the right size for cowboy boots

We would like to help you order the right cowboy boot size for your child. To do this, we try to provide as many measurements as possible. Please measure the inner sole of a well-fitting boot and compare this measurement with the information in the article. The value you measure should correspond approximately with the size information on our articles.

No information on the item? 

We only point out size deviations if they are present or known to us! If there is no size information on the item, please order your normal size!

Determine the right size

You can determine the correct size by measuring your foot length as indicated and selecting the appropriate boot. So if your foot is 24 cm long, please choose a cowboy boot with an inner shoe length of approx. 24 cm.

Note: If there is no measurement on the item, we do not (yet) have it or the boot cannot be measured (applies to all pointed boots). In this case, please order your normal shoe size. All measurements are without guarantee. Should a boot still not fit, the returns process remains unaffected!

Sizing tips for cowboy hats

Sizeca. Maß = Head circumference
S55 cm
M57 cm
L59 cm
XL61 cm

Size information for BELTS

The lengths of our belts are measured from the spike to the centre hole!

Stars & Stripes BELTS

Length = mandrel to centre hole!!!

Length cm