EQUISTAR tail and mane spray, 250ml, without sprayer

EQUISTAR tail and mane spray, 250ml, without sprayer
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EQUISTAR fur shine, tail and mane spray THE ORIGINAL that is trusted worldwide. A perfectly... more
Product information "EQUISTAR tail and mane spray, 250ml, without sprayer"

EQUISTAR fur shine, tail and mane spray

THE ORIGINAL that is trusted worldwide. A perfectly groomed horse is always a feast for the eyes and a real satisfaction. EQUISTAR produces a silky soft coat and gives the now proverbial radiant shine on coat, tail and mane. Treat yourself to this feast for the eyes every day. The effect of EQUISTAR lasts for up to 12 days. This is how long the fine shine remains and the tail and mane are guaranteed to be free of knots. Throughout the entire period EQUISTAR . repels dust and dirt and your horse is perfectly groomed - with a fascinating shine and coat like velvet. Trust the original! Even if EQUISTAR is only used for the tail and the mane, there are effects and successes that have not been achieved by other means. EQUISTAR unties tail and mane by itself. A previous washing and tedious reading is not necessary. The demelting is done automatically immediately after drying. Also the loss of tail hairs, which is otherwise inevitable due to brushing and sorting, is almost completely avoided. Stains of urine, dung, grass, etc. can be brushed off without difficulty with a few strokes. Due to its extraordinary properties EQUISTAR brings out the full colour of the coat. The natural colours are intensified. With dark horses the grey haze disappears in the coat. Foxes shine in golden tones, white horses get a silvery sheen. Even yellow spots or grass stains on grey horses are hardly visible and even heavy incrustations after sweating are removed with a few brush strokes. The daily cleaning times are reduced considerably and the horse still shines in high gloss. In summer, the yellow eggs of the Dassel fly can no longer stick to the coat and in winter, the ugly and unpleasant scuff marks in the shoulder area are usually completely avoided by horse blankets. Used before shearing the coat, the shearing blades are protected and the shearing head does not heat up so quickly. The coat must be dry before clipping!

EQUISTAR is absolutely non-toxic, pH-neutral and extremely skin-friendly. Skin respiration is not affected by EQUISTAR. The natural skin and hair flora is protected. Therefore EQUISTAR is suitable even for very sensitive or robust horses. EQUISTAR is washable with shampoo. Out of consideration for animals, humans and the environment, EQUISTAR is based almost exclusively on natural substances which are subject to constant strict quality controls. The addition of emulsifiers has been largely avoided. The EQUISTAR bottles are refillable and the spray heads are reusable. Application: The horse does not need to be pre-washed, EQUISTAR is sprayed thinly onto dry or wet hair. Please wait until the hair is completely dry before brushing it over with a soft brush. Otherwise EQUISTAR cannot develop its full effect!

Available sizes: 250 ml - 750 ml - 2 l - 5 l - 10 l - 25 l

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